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2020, the Year of the Rat is your year, so get out and have some fun! Take advantage of every opportunity coming your way and expand financial prospects and social networks. However, take care to curb your tendency to overspend. Contribute to a nest egg instead and to secure your future.

2020 could be very good for Oxen, especially in terms of business and financial matters. You could find yourself reaping the rewards of previous efforts. You may even manage to store away added cash for  those inevitable rainy days. Matters of the heart, however, may require added work and heads-up to work on that aspect of your life

You Tigers may lack stimulation in Rat years, but don’t let boredom get you down. It’s best not to take any risks or to overstretch yourself or resources now. Play it a little conservative where finances are concerned. Your social and emotional life should be successful if you remember moderation in all things.


The busy pace of a Rat year can be a bit much for thsee calmer Rabbits. Don't be so consumed with seeking perfection - your happiness now lies in establishing harmony in your work and home life. It may feel like an uphill struggle at times, but you can make progress through positive changes!

Dragons enjoy the fast pace of Rat years and Rats love these fire-eaters. With your inventive nature, put some of those bright ideas to work. It’s the perfect time to invest your fortunes_both monetary and emotional. Your energy will be high, but you'll still need patience to put your plans into effect.

Snakes may be a little ill at ease with the flurry ever present in Rat years, but Rats are good to this reptile. Your ability to take action and make the right decisions will lead you to success, especially in your carrer and/or a new venture. If you learn to "unwind" emotionally, you can achieve happiness in your relationships. Just curb those tendencies to overspend!

While you normally pay more attention to messages from your heart, the best advice during Rat years is to be more in tune with your head. Be sure to take care of yourself physically by following to healthy habits. In your case, 2020 is more about establishing a foundation than striking out in new directions.

You could make steady progress in 2020, as this Rat year brings new opportunities. Meeting new people now could also benefit you both financially and personally. However, seek out the advice of family and trusted friends or experts before making hasty decisions regarding finances or career. You need to be use your money wisely!

Rat years can for lucky for Monkeys in every facet of life. That means that all you have to do is make the most of it! It's a good time to expand your ideas and promote ambitions and projects that are meaningful to you. Take your time to make the right decision - both personally and professionally.

This Year of the Rat could prove challenging. While your energy will be high, it's important to keep your  stress down. Strive to maintain a positive attitude and pace yourself. Make a plan for your time and money and stick to it. Think of this year as laying a foundation for better times ahead.

You can make a lot of progress in the Year of the Rat. If you're willing to step into the limelight a little more and promote yourself and your skills, you'l make significant advances. Keep your focus, but don't be afraid of trying something different or going in a new direction.

There will be a lot of energy and excitement for you in 2020, maybe even a little more than you're comfortable with. You can make progress by keeping to a steady pace and conserving your strength. You don't need to push yourself so hard. Your personal and social life should be fun and rosy.