Psychic Resources: What's Ahead for You in the Year of the Ox?


An Ox Year emphasizes stability, steady growth, and traditional values. It’s a time to reap what you have sown, harvest the fruits of your past efforts, and work patiently toward further growth. “Slow and steady wins the race” is the motto for Oxen.

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2021 may bring some pressure to take on more duties and responsibilities. But the Year of the Ox is still auspicious for the Rat. You’ll be able to make steady progress. And on the home front, family life is stable and emotionally sweet.

In 2021, the Ox will feel in tune with the energies of this time. While other signs may feel caught up in delays, you’ll be happy to keep to a steady pace and achieve your goals. Matters of the heart and home are destined to be successful and joyous.

You could find the Year of the Ox a little frustrating, due to the slower pace and the need for restraint that could be required. If you can maintain a low profile, you should be able to overcome any obstacles to your personal progress, both emotionally and in your career.


For you Rabbits, the Year of the Ox brings domestic matters to the forefront. You’ll feel more at ease in the slower pace and be able to spend more quality time with friends and loved ones. It would be a good time to buy, sell, or improve your home or surroundings.

Working with the highest ideals and honesty will help you succeed in the Year of the Ox, both in business and romance. Keep your nose to the grindstone and find satisfaction and relaxation with time-tested friends and loved ones.

2021 will be an auspicious year for you Snakes, as the steady pace required suits you very well. You’ll find that you can get results at work and in your personal life by acting on your intuition and hunches. Learn to strike when the iron is hot.

You may be raring to go, but the Year of the Ox requires you to exercise some caution. Take the time to consolidate your position instead of striking out in new directions. It is the time for a slow buildup rather than a new undertaking. Your emotional life can help bring you comfort.

You could feel challenged on all sides in the Year of the Ox. It’s best to keep a low profile and work behind the scenes to maintain your progress. Put any ambitious plans on the back burner for now. Avoid being impulsive and develop your patience, and be sure to make time for fun and enjoyment.

In 2021, things will slow down for the Monkey and it’s your cue to consolidate your progress. You may need to tie up loose ends from the past. Beware of trying to cut corners; you may only end up having to redo. The slower tempo gives you a chance to concentrate on your personal life.

The Year of the Ox is auspicious for the Rooster. You could recoup some losses you may have had last year. At work you can make steady progress after a slow start and you can be rewarded for your endeavors. You’ll have a chance to enhance your reputation with new opportunities.

The Year of the Ox is not the time to push plans forward. It will take a lot of hard work and effort, but you will be able to see progress and can expect to reap well-deserved rewards. Concentrate on matters close to home. Simple pleasures bring the most satisfaction.

The Year of the Ox looks bright and hopeful for the Pig. You can use your natural talents and intuition to get ahead. They will help you lay foundations for the future. You’ll feel confident in your abilities. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your relationships at work, home, and socially.