The Gifts of Trees

A tree is much more than just a plant that grows in our environment. Trees are actually a vital part of our ecosystem and we need them more than many of us realize. Trees produce oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by “breathing in” carbon dioxide and “breathing out” the oxygen that we need to live.

Tree foliage filters dust and helps remove toxic pollutants from the atmosphere.  Trees and shrubs slow down rainwater, helping runoff to soak into the soil at a slower, even rate. This action takes the pressure off our storm sewers and allows for the renewal of ground water.

Here are some of the ways, trees help our environment.

- Trees cleanse ground water as it filters through their root systems removing toxins and chemicals from the ground. They also aid soil absorption for gradual release into streams, preventing flooding, filtering toxins and impurities, and extending water availability into the dry months when it is most needed.

- In a natural landscape, trees prevent soil erosion and provide a weather-sheltered ecosystem in and under their foliage. They provide food, homes and shelter for a variety of wildlife. Landscapers use them for their aesthetic appeal, but they also increase property value.

- Trees give us orchard crops, such as fruits and nuts, and their bark and leaves are used for medicine and healing. Tree wood is a primary building material as well as an energy source in many developing countries.

- Trees also play a role in many of the world's mythologies and religions. Many have been known to inspire artisans in a multitude of modalities and can guide and inspire each of us.

Trees are also symbolic for humans. They can be used to honor or in memory of family, friends, and special occasions as is seen with memorial tree plantings. Trees are also record keepers as they are markers of our history: They remember and record the years of the world as is seen in their cycles of life.

We call our ancestry a family tree, which is the record of our family’s life and the lives of those who came before us. We record these on a piece of papers that is made from the tree that holds many years of wisdom and history. They are often stored in a box made of this same wood and saved for our children so they will know the history of our family.

Trees can be “extraordinary.”  You may have your personal favorite tree that can be a kind of guide for you or a “special” natural being that holds a special meaning just for you! Honor that connection!

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