Secret Scents of Lady Luck

So what is luck?  Luck is defined as a Chance to succeed or fail due to circumstances outside of a person’s control. – Most often paired with financial success or personal relationships. Everyone is trying to make sure they have good luck. 

Can people attract good or bad luck? In my opinion I believe the answer is yes! Consider self-fulfilling prophecies and the Law of Attraction. When you approach a task with confidence, knowledge and assurance that you will be successful, your attitudes and intent are bringing positive energy towards your endeavor. Conversely, when you approach a task with assurance of failure and disappointment it is more likely that you will end up with that result. In my opinion and experience, the energy, expectations and intent that is put towards a situation or endeavor will more often than not dictate the result of that situation or endeavor.

Can we use other items such as crystals, oils and herbs to change our luck? YES! As human beings we are powerful individuals in creating and manifesting our own destiny. When we use the tools of the world around us, we amp up our abilities to create what we want. If you have a lucky shirt it is because you were wearing that shirt when something good happened. The vibration, memory and / or energy is embedded in that piece of clothing. So, when you next are in a situation where you are wearing that shirt you are already attracting a similar result by having the memory of the energy in the item you are wearing. The same goes for a lucky keychain, hat or sunglasses.

There are many different items that can amplify your intent to attract good luck, such as crystals, ritual items, talismans and herbs to name a few. What we are going to talk about today are essential oils that can help you attract good luck.

Essential oils vs. Fragrance oils: Essential oils are oils that come directly from plant matter. They are either steam distilled, cold pressed from roots or rinds or extracted by solvent or CO2 methods. Fragrance oils are created in a laboratory and are usually adulterated with chemicals that preserve them or create synthetic scents. Essential oils also have the vibrations and energies of the living plants as part of their make up. When we use essential oils we are combining our own vibrations / energies with that of the essential oils. The essential oils help to amplify our energies, our intent and strengthen the attraction of luck.

Luck is a huge topic. Depending if you want good luck in finances, love, business, health or general there is a large list of herbs and oils that will help. I've created a list of the most widely used oils for different categories. There are other oils and herbs out there that are not on this list. These are the most popular and in my opinion most effective.

 Oils for Good Money Luck:

Almond (carrier oil): attracts money and good fortune

Avocado (carrier oil):  brings happiness, wealth & long life

Basil: attracts money and good fortune

Bayberry:  puts coins in your pockets

Cinnamon: attracts wealth

Frankincense: attracts good fortune

Myrtle: attracts money, good fortune

Myrrh: attracts prosperity


Oils for Luck in Friendship and Love:

Angelica: Friendship and popularity

Cinnamon: attracts passionate love

Citronella: attracts friendship

Orange: brings marriage proposals

Papaya: promotes good fortune, friendship and comfort


Oils for Good Luck in Business:

Citronella: attracts customers to your business

Bayberry: promotes wealth

Mistletoe: attracts customers developing business (this is an herb / plant and NOT an oil and is very helpful when placed in a talisman or medicine bag. Treat with appropriate care)


Oils for Good Health and Good Fortune overall:

Hibiscus: draws wisdom and better concentration

Honeysuckle: helps you pass tests

Juniper: acquires wishes, honor and glory

Lilac: brings long life and health

Nutmeg: used for luck drawing

Palos Santos: Clears negative energy and bring in good luck

Strawberry: draws good fortune (is an herb not an oil). Good to put into a talisman or medicine bag)

Vanilla: happiness and good fortune

Wintergreen: keeps and attract good health. WARNING: If you are on blood thinners or have issues with Hemophilia, do NOT use this oil in a botanical perfume or as bath oil. It is oil that can amplify the effects of blood thinners.


What about bad luck? There are oils and herbs available to help ward off bad luck as well. Again this list is not complete, but it holds the most effective in my opinion.

Oils for Protection from Ill or Bad Luck:

Amber: wards against negative energy

 Bergamot: protects from harm

Cedar: protects from misery and misfortune

Gardenia: stops others from creating strife in your life

Lemon: protects the home

Myrrh: protects against evil directed toward you

Pennyroyal: removes evil from home and surrounding areas

Rue: protects against hexes sent out by others


How to use these oils:

Safety issue: keep out of reach of children. Do not put directly onto your skin. Keep away from your eyes. If you develop a rash or irritation on the skin, simply swab the area with pure olive oil or other vegetable oil to soothe and diffuse. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

How to blend:

Choose 3 to 8 essential oils you want to work with. More than 8 creates chaotic energy and the oils don't really have an opportunity to shine and do their job. Think of too many chefs in a kitchen. Once you have the oils chosen, determine which oil smells the strongest by scent. Place all the bottles in one had with their lids off and the mouth of the bottle even with each other. Gently sniff the air just above the bottles. Figure out which oil smells the strongest. Place that bottle on the counter and repeat the process. Soon you will have all your oils lined up from strongest to lightest scent.

Next decide how much oil you want to create. Remember that a little goes a long way. The rule of thumb is approximately 8 to 10 drops per ounce. While you may end up over the 10-drop count, it is recommended that you don't go over 20 drops per ounce. Mix your essential oils first in a glass container such as a shot glass. Once you have a blend you enjoy, add in the carrier oil. Carrier oils are vegetable oils that are inert and mostly without scent. Popular carrier oils are Almond, Avocado, Apricot Kernal, Castor, Coconut, Grapeseed, Hemp and Sunflower just to name a few. Congratulations! You have just made your own botanical perfume!

When drawing good luck your way, mix on a new moon. As the moon grows in size so will you luck.

When banishing ill luck mix on a full Moon. As the moon disappears so will the bad luck.

Tuesdays are ideal for creating blends and getting it fully energized with intent and power.


How to use the blends:

Place your blend in a small bottle and use it as perfume or anointing oil.

When you use the blend as a bath oil make sure the bath is filled with water first. Then start with two or three drops.  If you put the oils into the tub while the tub is filling, you will not receive the full benefit of the blend you have created. You can always add more, a drop at a time, just like when you are blending.

Dress a candle. Gently rub oil onto your candle before you burn the candle. If you are drawing energy toward you, place the oil onto the candle by starting at the top of the candle and sliding down towards the base. If you are pushing bad luck away, rub the oil onto the candle starting at the base and work your way to the top.

Use in an oil warmer, diffuser or personal aromatherapy pendant


Need to change your luck quickly?

Fast Luck Oil can speed up the attraction process. You can make it out of dried cinnamon bark, dried mint leaves and dried vanilla. Simply put all the plant material into a piece of cheese cloth or reusable tea bag and place in a large jar with a lid. Fill the jar with a carrier oil and screw the lid on tight. Place jar in a warm location and wait for two weeks shaking occasionally. At the end of two weeks, squeeze the cheese cloth over the jar to remove any oil. Filter the oil through clean cheesecloth to remove any remaining plant matter. You now have a jar of infused oil that will speed up your luck draw!

If you really need the Fast Luck Oil fast, simply use the essential oils of cinnamon, mint and vanilla and place these essential oils into a carrier oil such as Sunflower, Apricot Kernel, Grapeseed or olive. Add a few drops of Fast Luck oil to your own blend when you are using it as a perfume, bath oil, anointing oil or in a diffuser. If you are working with candles, you can give the Fast Luck oil it's own red candle to speed things up. If you don't have a red candle to spare, just add it to the main candle you are dressing for luck purposes.


A few last words on luck:

Remember that your intentions and the energy you put into the workings are most important. You don't have to wait for a specific phase of the moon. We are powerful manifests. This includes being able to manifest our own luck. Your intent… and your energy…. your beliefs are what is important. Crystals, oil, talismans and routines all prime the pump so that when you pair Your energy with these tools you are sending out a powerful wave that the universe and any other entities that might be out there will hear you!

Have a Blessed and Lucky Day!