What is Energy Therapy?

All things in our universe are in a constant state of vibration. Even objects that appear to be stationary vibrate at various frequencies. Ultimately all matter is considered to be energy vibrating. When different vibrations come into contact, after a time they often begin to resonate together at the same frequency. We all radiate our own unique energy signature which interacts with everything around it. Each and every experience alters our energies and can leave behind energies of its own with us. A spiritual healing works in this way.

How does Energy reside in the body?

The body's electrical activity happens primarily at the cellular level. It is extremely important that a cell membrane maintain its healthy “charge”. When a cell becomes damaged or infected, the membrane’s charge decreases and consequently the membrane channels do not function properly. This leaves the cells weak and susceptible to disease.

How can Energy Therapy help?

While energy therapy modalities cannot mend broken bones, they can help to relieve part of the pain and assist the healing process overall, but still require a sufficient healing period. Alternative therapies, such as Reiki, have proven useful when fighting viruses or infections. By recharging the recipient’s antibodies to help the body fight the ailment, these therapies can weaken the foreign bacteria, thereby leading to a quicker resolve. Those seeking relief from mental and emotional conflicts often experience immediate benefit with instantaneous healing effects.

How is Energy Therapy carried out?

Information is actually stored in our own energy and this information can be accessed remotely. Moreover, energy can be altered through time and space and this is how past experiences or even the moods of others have an affect over us. The information in our individual energy is the channel through which energy healing is conducted. It works very much like a psychic reading. You can expect to feel changes and other sensations as your body undergoes energy therapy. Some people can sense that this therapy is being carried out while others may not feel anything at all.