This summer, we got together with Melody, one of our favorite ESPchat psychics, to get her thoughts on what it's like being psychic and why she does what she does!

ESPCHAT: Melody, you have been doing astrological and psychic work for a long time. Fortunately, you come from a family that is open to this type of communication.  What was it like growing up in that environment? 

MELODY: As you know, my mother was an astrologer and psychic, and my father also had very strong intuitive and psychic abilities.  When I was between 4 and 6 years old, I simply considered my spirit friends to be playmates and that was okay with my friends.  However, once I became a teenager, I was called all kinds of unflattering names, like Voodoo doll and  witch.  Needless to say, I learned to keep quiet about my abilities as not everyone was as open to them as my family was.  However, once I was entered my twenties, I began to understand how blessed I actually was with this gift as well as the real advantages it brought me. For example, I had a pretty good sense of the guys I was dating just through my own tuition. It made it easier to understand when to give someone a chance and when to walk away.

But my gifts didn’t really help me with my family. One of my favorite memories is when I left school earlier on day than I should have. In other words, I played "hooky."  When I arrived home, my mom was sitting on the porch, waiting for me.

 "Young Lady!” she said, “Can you explain why you left school today?"

 I responded, "Mom, how do you know that I left early?"

She retorted, "Your astrology chart said so! And furthermore, Mr. Sandman had to work overtime to keep you safe." (Mr. Sandman was my nickname for my mother’s father, my deceased grandfather.) As you can imagine that was the first and last time I ever skipped school!


ESPCHAT: When did you first realize that you had psychic gifts?

MELODY: When I was around 11 years old, I had a stark wake up call when my favorite cousin died in a car accident. He came to visit me in my bedroom after the accident to gave me a message and that's when I realized how special my communications were.  I remember that incident so clearly. My dad was downstairs and actually saw my cousin’s spirit going up the stairs toward my room. When I saw my cousin in my bedroom, my mind told me that he was gone, but my heart told me to listen.  He gave me a message: "Please tell my mom that I am sorry that I didn’t listen to her. I should not have been driving that night." Scared and upset, I ran downstairs, right into dad's arms. My dad calmed me down and then we had a long talk. The following morning, he played hooky from his job and we went fishing.  The calming of the water and the long talk with dad was my realization moment.  My cousin had been driving home from a vacation and fell asleep at the wheel and died.  If he had opted to stay an additional night on this vacation, he would have been rested and history may have been different.  


ESPCHAT: Being psychic is not something to be taken lightly. It is certainly not the norm. Some people are highly intuitive, but being psychic feels like it is more than just having intuition.  How does it make you feel to be psychic? 

MELODY: First I want to say that I completely agree with you. It isn’t always easy being psychic. In all honesty, I think the difference is that I have friends in the physical and spiritual worlds.  Our members, who frequent my Public Chat room, understand that. We cry and laugh, and share ideas together.  Most importantly, we both teach and learn from each other.  Unexplainable things have happened in the Public Chat.   Numerous times, clients have said to me,  "You know Melody, I had the same feeling about the person you just read for!  They often make me laugh, especially when they tease me saying "We’d better listen to Melody!"  


ESPCHAT:  What do you like best about being a psychic?

That is easy! It's listening to and advising the people who come to tme. It could be a question about the best time to do something, such as initiating a project or relatinshiop, so that everything falls into place and makes their life better.   I have saved many from headaches. I have saved people from getting speeding tickets, and my favorite is hearing messages for the clients from someone who has passed over. 


ESPCHAT:  Melody, I am sure that many of our members would like to hear about lucky numbers.  Have you ever used lucky numbers to play the lottery?

MELODY: That's a interesting question because it goes back to the idea that there is a reason for everything!  Of course, I have I played the lottery! And have I won? Yes, I did, and in a big way! But to be honest, I hate paying taxes, so I prefer winning smaller amounts.  

However, there is an interesting flip side to this question.  People often mistakenly think that all of their problems will be solved with more money, but from what I have seen, winning money doesn't necessarily make your life easier.  It can often become harder because you find out who your friends really are. I have had two members on ESPchat who won big money at lottery and now they have a lot more headaches to deal with.  Winning a BIG lottery might not be in your cards, but I can assure that smaller amounts are much easier to deal with.  I have about 75% of my clients who have won small amounts of money. While they may not be able to retire on that amount, it can make life a little bit easier at the time.


ESPCHAT:  What do you feel is your responsibility to our members? 

MELODY: That's an easy question as well.  Each time I begin a session in the Public room, I remind my clients that I am on ESPChat to help them in the very best way I can!  I love what I am doing because I feel like it's my calling.   So, I am open to all types of readings whether they are about love, marriage, ghost whispering, careers, business or money.  I am here to try to help clients in every way I can!


ESPCHAT: And we are very glad to have you with us, Melody! For this next question, I don’t want you to divulge any secrets or any confidential information, but can you share your fondest memory of a psychic impression or of a psychic reading you have given? 

MELODY: There are two memories that stay with me since I have been at ESPchat, which I just want to add has been since 2010. The first memory involved a client who needed money and asked me if she would win the lottery. In my head, I heard my mom's voice saying, "Her Saturn has a bad aspect so she will win at the lottery!" Shortly afterwards, this client came back to my Public Chat room to thank me for my help in her to win the lottery.  She won enough to build a home for her handicapped mother. 

The second memory involved what I like to call Ghost Whispering.  A client’s sister had recently passed away, and they had not been very close.  She asked me if I could reach out to her sister.  I asked my client to tell me about the ugly grey bean cap!  She told me that she had buried her sister with that grey bean cap because it was her favorite article of clothing dating back to her high school days.  Then she asked me how I knew about that cap?  I told her that her sister was still mad at her for cutting the little grey tab off of the top of the cap. My client revealed that her sister did not talk to her for months after that incident, but that oddly she felt at peace with it now.  She said she wished that she could turn the handles back to fix it.  I told her that it was her sister’s fondest memory!


ESPCHAT: I have a question that I know that many our members think about. At ESPchat, the psychics are not able to see or hear members. You have to read their communications via text?  What is this type of communication like for you?

MELODY: I feel it keeps the communication neutral. It makes it easier for me to read because there are fewer distractions. I start by reading their question on the screen and then I close my eyes and let the reading begin. Of course, I open my eyes from time to time to see if the member has shared any comments or additional question.  If there are none, I continue going full speed ahead with their reading and the information I need to share with them just flows!

ESPCHAT: Melody, it is always a pleasure to speak with you. I have enjoyed your answers and I hope our members will too! I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!

This post was originally shared in our July 2016 newsletter.