Psychic Resources: Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

We humans have an inherent need to connect with the spiritual realm. In our heart of hearts, we sense there is something more to existence than the here and now. There is a distinct longing in us that cannot be filled by science, technology, and worldly goods.  Many of us feel a need to reconnect with a spiritual part of ourselves that we feel has somehow been misplaced.  For many, angels have been a way to do that.

Angels Are Here to Help and Guide Us

Angels have been with us for millennia. They are here to guide and protect us – a job they gladly perform. These loving beings are always “on call,” never sleeping or taking a break from their duties. Even though most of the time we are unaware of their presence, angels continue to watch over us tirelessly, providing assistance when we need it and smoothing out the rough spots in our lives. There are countless stories from ordinary people who feel they were touched by an angel in some positive way.

Angels also serve as cosmic intermediaries and messengers carrying celestial communications from the higher realms down to earth. The word “angel” comes from the Greek angelos meaning messenger. Our heavenly helpers are always ready to talk with us and they are wonderful listeners. Often they slip us “notes” in the form of hunches, insights, or impulses. In fact, some of the greatest discoveries in history have been divinely inspired. Geniuses from Leonardo da Vinci to Einstein acknowledge having received information and guidance from higher sources.

Of course, we can choose whether or not to listen to angelic advice. Often we shrug off the irrational “feelings” we get or ignore the guidance we receive in our dreams. We explain away angelic actions as coincidence, luck, or fate. But if we accept the presence of angels and learn how to interact with these powerful, compassionate beings, we can prevent some of the problems we encounter and ease our passage through life. With the help of our celestial guides, we can enjoy heaven here on earth.

The Different Roles Angels Play

There are different types of angels, and each has its own role to play in the operation of the universe. As with our earthly systems, the heavenly hosts are arranged into groups according to their abilities, duties, and responsibilities. These groups reside on different levels within the celestial realm.

At the top are the angelic beings called Seraphim. These otherworldly beings are composed of pure light. It is said that their singing is essential to the creation process in our world.

Then there are the Cherubim, who care for the stars and heavenly lights. These angels also serve as keepers of the “Akashic Records” which contain all knowledge in the universe – past, present, and future.

Of course, the angels we are most familiar with are the ones whose presence feels closer to us. More focused with what happens on earth, these angels are known to seek interactions with mankind. The Archangels, whose duties include guarding all of nature as well as humanity, are considered the most important of the heavenly messengers. The best-known Archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.

Just above humans are the Guardian Angels, who watch over each and every one of us individually. Our special personal guardian angels live here, though they make periodic trips to earth to visit us when we need their assistance.

Angels Appear When We Need Them Most

Angels have long provided inspiration, guidance, and consolation in troubled times. Today, when so many of us feel the world’s problems are beyond our comprehension and control, it’s not coincidence to find angels turning up in large numbers. Angels appear when we need them most, whether that’s in the midst of a life-threatening situation or a dark moment of despair.

Angels give us reassurance that there is a divine plan. We don’t have to handle everything ourselves-we can ask for help from above when we need it. When life around us seems grim or overwhelming, angels bring us good news. In a world where there’s so much hatred, violence, despair, fear, and suffering, angels offer us comfort.

Sometimes angels work through us, enabling us to help others who are in need. Have you ever felt compelled to act in a way that you didn’t quite comprehend or that seemed uncharacteristic for you? Or have you been inexplicably drawn to a particular place, person, or situation at a critical moment? Many people have served as “good Samaritans” without even understanding why they acted as they did. When asked, they simply say, “Something told me to.” At times like these, we unknowingly take part in the divine plan and become “angels” ourselves.