By ESPchat Psychic Advisor Elise

At various times in our lives, we will find ourselves at a crossroads or in a position where we will need to make or deal with changes in our life circumstances. Sometimes these changes are welcome and other times not so much.  Regardless of the origin of a change, a transition requires that we adapt to a different situation. And, in any particular situation, we want to make the best decisions and take the best plans of action for ourselves and our loved ones. 

This Transition Plan will help you to define your position and set down a positive plan of action for your next transition.

1. Name your transition.

2. Is this transition planned, or are life circumstances forcing you to make changes?

3. How do you feel about your transition? Are you scared, angry, excited, anxious, etc.?  Try to be as clear as you can be with yourself about your emotional state. Don’t worry if you can't articulate all of your feelings.  A transition is a process that takes place over a period of time and gives the opportunity to grow and flourish as individuals.

4. On a practical level, where you are at this moment in your transition process.  What are your goals for this transition? Write down your goals, preferably somewhere you will see them regularly and be reminded of your intentions.

5. Once you begin your transition process, think about the strongest fears and/or anxieties you face about the steps you need to take.  Check in with yourself regularly to make sure that your direction is aligned with your goals.

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of difficulty and 1 the easiest, how would you rate this transition and the challenges you face?

7. Do you feel, that you need guidance or support to help yourself through this transition? Don’t be afraid to reach out and draw on the people around you who support you.  Remember that ESPchat Psychic Advisors are always there the help you with the support and guidance you need.

Please consider making a private appointment with me today. I can be your guide, voice of reason and cheerleader, all at once!

Wishing You A Happy Transition!