An Introduction to Personal Numerology by ESPchat Psychic Advisor Luna

Numerology offers a number of different systems to work with and today, we will be using the system that resonates most with me. It has ties to the Kabbalah, which just so happens to have ties to the Tarot.

During today’s chat, you will

  • Become acquainted with the numerical value of each letter;
  • Learn the basic meanings of the numbers 1 – 9, 11 and 22;
  • Learn how to calculate your Primary Birth Number, Secondary Birth Number and Name Numbers;
  • Learn the numbers that rule our planets.

While this chat can only introduce touch the true subject of Numerology, it will give a few useful tools to begin your own study of this esoteric science.  I am also available for a more detailed reading through Written Consultations. Let's begin!

Alphanumerical Chart

1 2 3 4 5 8 3 5 1
1 2 3 4 5 7 8 1 2
S T U V W X Y Z  
3 4 6 6 6 5 1 7  

Basic Calculations

The Alphanumerical Chart gives you the numerical values of all the letters of our alphabet. You can use the chart to calculate the numerical value of your name. Your calculation should give a Single value and a COMPOUND value. These values will be insightful  and powerful as they will reveal how people perceive you AND how you perceive yourself!

Single or KEY numbers are the numbers 0-9 and they describe how the world and people around you see you!

Compound numbers or double digits (10 and up) tell us more about what is coming your way along with any karmic influences that may not be as obvious.

Your Primary Birth number calculation is simple  Those born on the date of the month you were born. Those born on the 1rst to 9th of the month simply do not have a Primary Birth compound number. Those born on the 10th of the month and later have both a compound number and single number.

You can obtain the Secondary Birth number by adding the numerical vale of the month, the date and the year together.

Let’s use October 4, 1966 for our working example:

October 4, 1966 translates to 10/04/1966. To calculate the numbers, do the following:

For the month of October, which is the 10th month of the year, add 1+0=1

For the 4th day of the month, add  0 + 4 = 4

For the birth year 1966, add the individual numbers 1 + 9 + 6 + 6 = 22

Then add the three numbers together  1 + 4 + 22 = 27 (This is your Compound Number)

So,  add these 2 numbers together  2 + 7 = 9 (This is your Single Number)

To calculate the compound and single key numbers related to you name translate the letters into numbers. Next add the first name together to gain a single number. Next add together the numbers of the last name to find the single number. Finally add together the sum of both names to get your first compound number. Then add those two numbers together to get the single number.

Here is an example for the name Mona Smith who is born on August 19, 1966





17 +17=34 (Compound Number)

3+4=7 (Single)


Key numbers:

Birth Numbers: Compound  = 19 and Single = 1

Name Key Numbers: Compound = 34 Single = 7

Basic Meanings

Now you have a couple of numbers to look up. Let's take a look at the basic meanings of these numbers!

Below are the basic Keywords for each number. We will discuss each number more in depth.

The Number 1 represents action, creativity, and protective especially of the weak and helpless, Respect is important, may seem aloof to strangers but loving and warm to family and friends, Pride is their biggest downfall, can be controlling, opinionated and forceful. Leos with a 1 vibration will have these personality attributes intensified.

The Number 2 represents dreamers, romantics, and those who are imaginative, optimistic, idealistic, devoted to parents, make good parents, love animals and protective of the underdog. Fear loss of all types, cautious of self and money, possessive, adaptable. Twos who were born under Cancer will have these personality attributes intensified.

The Number 3 represents Idealism, cravers of higher education, religious, travel, optimistic, free spirited. A lover of Truth, enjoys intellectual and physical challenges, blunt of speech, indifferent to family ties, loves animals, rescues the underdog, makes an excellent lawyer. 3 personality and attributes can be intensified by Sagittarius.

The Number 4 represents tolerance, individualism, inventiveness, originality, unconventional behavior, unexpected events, Makes own rules, doesn't care about society’s rules, an enigma, will find their own way to do things, attempts to shock others, lives in the future, finds success when others think they won't, a questing and curious nature, more wacky something or someone the more a 4 person is drawn to it, enjoys mental challenges, doesn't like to change personal habits, friendship is important, money means little,  doesn't notice their surroundings, accepting of others. Born under the sign of Aquarius will intensify the 4 personality and attributes.

The Number 5 represents communication, movement, versatility, written and oral expression. Courteous, charming, love travel and change, highly critical of errors, over analyze, need to exercise the intellect, mentally alert to details, believe in magic, impulsive, can come back from drastic changes well, Geminis and Virgos can intensify the personality attributes of the 5 individual.

The Number 6 represents love, romance, compassion, money, devoted, genuinely loved by family and friends, idealistic and affection, sentimental, romantic, love of music, harmony, nice things, can be jealous if threatened by loss, cannot deal with discord, enjoys entertaining, natural liaison, stubborn, money is attracted to them, have extremes of money, love spending time in nature, enjoy luxury, admire beauty, polite but passionate, logical. Aquarius, Taurus and Libra can intensify the personality attributes of the 6 person.

The Number 7 represents mystery, spirituality, sympathy, sensitivity, illusion, healing, faith, interest in metaphysics, intuitive, nonconforming.  Likes to travel, enjoys reading books about faraway places and cultures, has an affinity for water, need stability especially in financial area, original thinkers, don't care much about wealth, philosophers, do well in artistic endeavors, value privacy, contemplative, nonjudgmental, nonprejudicial, deep thinkers. Pisces will intensify a 7 personality and attribute,

The Number 8 represents responsibility, stability, experiential learning, wisdom, patience, self-control, self-disciplined, financially responsible, slow and steady forward momentum, quiet, shy, deductive reasoning, strive for excellence, don't usually play around, longevity, reliable, care about what people think about them, but don't show it, subtle sense of humor, intense, stick to their beliefs, grow younger as they grow older, lonely, undemonstrative. Capricorns will feel a more intense effect of the number 8,

The Number 9 represents aggressiveness, action-oriented, courageous, conflictual, initiative, original, vulnerable, naive,  determined, impulsive, quick tempered, forgive easily, trusting, direct, penetrating, impatient, Concerned with appearance, fear of rejection, lack of confidence, generous. Aries have the 9 attributes.

The Number 11 represents trials and treachery, polarity, reflectiveness, lacking in compatibility lacking, illusion of separation, separating force, must unite for ultimate happiness and harmony, individuality must be kept while unity reached.

The Number 22 represents a good person living in a fool's paradise, dreamer, makes mistakes in judgment, watchfulness, should be more alert, spiritual aggressiveness, recognizes own power to change things, achieves dreams, should understand that dangers are out there and that with alertness they can be avoided

There are meanings for each compound number but for now I have listed the most popular.

Each of the single number has a zodiac sign associated with it. Below you will see the planets that rule each zodiac sign and the number attached to it. I want you to understand that sometimes these numbers can be contradictory to the Birth or Name number. This is what makes us unique and allows us to grow as we overcome these challenges.

Planetary Number Values

Planet Numerical Value Zodiac Sign
Mars 9 Aries
Venus 6 Taurus, Libra
Mercury 5 Gemini, Virgo
Neptune 7 Pisces
Saturn 8 Capricorn
Uranus 4 Aquarius
Jupiter 3 Sagiitarius
Moon 2 Cancer
Sun 1 Leo
Pluto 0 Scorpio


Hopefully you have enjoyed this overview.  Remember that this is just a taste of Numerology. By understanding the vibration qualities of numbers and how they influence your life, you have a better understanding of how to manifest that which you want in your life.

I offer a Personal Numerological reading through our Written Consultations as well as Numerlogical, Tarot and Oracle readings in Private chats.