Psychic Astrologer Melody has prepared astrological predictions for all twelve signs in the New Year. The good news is that 2022 will be a banner year, bringing us opportunities for change, growth and problem-solving in all areas of life: from family and love relationships to financial and work-related concerns. This year people will continue to be concerned about health-related issues and human rights, including free speech and other far-reaching global concerns. This cycle will play out until at least the fall of 2022 when Mercury goes direct during the first full week in September. After that, communication with others will be easier as will matters of commerce. Things are definitely looking up!

Discover your sun sign in 2022! Just click on your sign below for a general overview of your New Year. For more information, I suggest contacting your favorite psychic. Private chats can be especially helpful if you'd like a more detailed or personal perspective of your natal chart in 2022.