Here are our frequently asked questions. Please click on a question to view the answer!

How do I join a Group Chat room?

Log in to the site and click on the Group Chat button located on the My Account page or the Home page to see all the Group Chat Rooms available at any given time between 9 AM - Midnight EST. These rooms are Free for our members.

To join a room, click the "Enter Room" button of your preferred available Group Chat room. And then to ask a question, put your cursor in the box located in the lower lefthand portion of your screen "Enter your question here..." and then click the Submit Question. The system will immediately log your question and notify you of your place in the queue. Your question will pop up on the screen when it is your turn.

When can I take advantage of Group Chat?

Our Group Public Chat is open everyday, 365 days a year, between 9 AM -Midnight EST. There is not limit to the time you can spend in our open chat rooms.

How do I find out when my favorite psychic advisor will be available in the Group Chat room?

If you are looking for a specific psychic's schedule or want to see which psychics will be on at certain times, click on Psychic Schedule in the Member Menu. Once there you can view the entire schedule of the Group Chat for any given week or look up the individual times for a specific psychic as well.

Why are there times when no psychic is in the room during your open hours?

The Group Public Chat is open everyday, 365 days a year, between 9 AM -Midnight EST. Our psychic advisors are scheduled for one and two-hour shifts during that time. When the shifts are changing on the hour, rooms could potentially be empty for a minute or two between the time when the current psychic's shift has left the room and before the incoming psychic has arrived. Please understand that this is just the changing of shifts and the Group Chat Rooms should resume momentarily.   

I was in a Group Psychic Chat Room, waiting in line for almost 30 minutes, and I lost my position. What happened?

Once you are in line in Group Chat, you must stay in line to hold your spot. If you ever leave the Chat Room page for whatever reason, for example to browse through our web site, you will lose automatically your place in line. Or if you happen to step away from computer and aren't available when the psychic advisor gets to you, you will skipped. If you do need to leave your computer momentarily, verify your place in line. Each member get 4 minutes You will see your number in line on the Group Chat page.  Try to gage how much time you have if you need to step away.

Can I use the service if I don’t have sound on my computer?

You can still use our service even if your sound is not on. However, you will need to alert the psychic advisor of this issue. When you type in your question for your psychic advisor, just ask them to type your responses.

I am using a laptop and/or desktop and do not have video and/or audio in the chat rooms. Why can I only see their photographs?

Laptop and desktop users need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your machine in order for the video and audio to function properly.

• If you are using a Google Chrome browser, then you should already have Adobe Flash Player on your machine.

* If you are using a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Windows 10, etc, you can download Adobe Flash Player or get the latest version of it here.

Important: Your antivirus software must allow you to install this software.

• We recommend keeping your system updated with the latest version of your browsers to maximize your user experience and minimize any technical problems.

Why is the psychic's video off?

There will be times when the video of the psychic advisor is not working properly so it may not be on. However, this is a rarity and should not be anything you need to worry about.

How do I find out when my favorite psychic advisor will be available to for a private consultation?

The best way to find our the private consultation schedule of your favorite psychic is to visit Our Physics page where you will see photos of all of our psychics. Click on the photo of favorite psychic to go to their personal page. You will their availability listed in the upper right-hand corner of their personal page.

How do I make an appointment with a psychic?

To make an appointment just click on the Make Appointment link, choose your psychic's name from the dropdown bar, pick your desired date and time and then click on Submit my Request button. The system will contact the psychic for you who will then notify you through your system to confirm or reschedule your requested appointment.

How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment with a psychic?

Go to the My Accounts page and you will see a link to your appointments, beside a little click image on the right side of the page. Click on that link and your will see your scheduled appointments, which you can cancel or reschedule. Your psychic will be notified of all changes and if you needed to reschedule, you will receive notification from your psychic advisor.

Will I be charged if I cancel an appointment?

You will not be charged if you have to cancel an appointment, but please be mindful and conscientious of your psychic's schedule. It is best if you can give them as much notice as you can.

How do I know how many free minutes I have?

Free minutes are given monthly to Inner Circle Members. To verify the count of your free minutes, log into the site and visit the My Accounts page. The tally of your free minutes will be listed on the righthand side of the page.

Why do I need to input credit card information when I already have free minutes?

When you initiate a private consultation with a psychic advisor, the system prompts you to input your credit card information. That way, in the event that your consultation goes over your total free minutes, you won't have to interrupt your consultation to add your credit card information as it will already be there. Rest assured that your free minutes will be used first and that you will see the minutes being used during the consultation and are free to end the consultation at any time.

How do I order a written consultation?

Log in to the site and click on the Written Consultation button on either the home page or the My Account page. There are a variety of consultation themes to choose from. Click on your Start Consultation button of the theme of your choice. Select your choice of psychic in the dropdown menu and type your question in the box at the bottom of the page. When you are ready, click the Submit My Question button. Please allow 48 hours for the completion of your consultation. When it is ready, you will receive a notice on your My Account page. Click on that link to be taken to your consultation.

I haven't received my written consultation. It has been 48 hours?

If you haven't received your consultation after 48 hours, please contact Customer Care at customercare@espchat.com and they will check on it for you.

How will I receive my written consultation?

Look for your written consultation on your My Account page. Just click on the My Consultations button.

Why is there no sound or video in the chat rooms when I access them with my tablet or mobile phone device?

We are pleased that our members can now access www.espchat.com with their tablet and mobile devices. However, users of these devices are only able to communicate via text in the chat rooms. Our system notifies the psychics of your mobile or tablet device, and they will know to communicate with you via typing. For the full audio and video experience, you will need to access the site with a laptop or desktop.

Should I use a specific browser to access the site?

If you are having issues with your browser, make sure that your versions of both your browser and Adobe Flash player are up-to-date. Refer to your browser's help pages if you need to update one or both of them. Google Chrome and/or Modzilla Firefox are the browsers we recommend. You can see which one works best with your computer or devices.

What is a LIVE Group Chat Room(s)?

A real time chat room where ESPchat members can ask any number of questions to the Psychic Advisor active in that chat room. LIVE Group Chat room conversations are accessible to other ESPchat members visiting the chat room. Typically we have three LIVE Group Chat Rooms open simultaneously from 9 AM to Midnight ET (15 hours a day, 365 days a year). Each chat room is conducted by a different Psychic Advisor based on a predetermined schedule.