Virgo's Astrological Year 2019

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sep. 22)

Best Months: June and December.  

Months to watch: July and Septmber.

When Jupiter leaves Sagittarius in the Fall, it’ll be such a huge relief. Why? Because some of the responsibilities that you took on will be removed from your plate! So until October, you will continue to face new challenges. However, this is a positive situation, because this Jupiter-Sagittarius aspect is preparing you for Jupiter in Capricorn. This change of Signs will be your full reward from late 2019 well into 2020!

In 2019 you will be able to achieve what you thought was impossible. When Saturn enters into Capricorn, look for a whole new you to emerge! One that is strong, yet firm and loving . . . Other personal changes may be on the horizon for Virgos in 2019 and early 2020, including an unexpected marriage or serious relationship.

Money may also come your way from an unexpected source, possibly a nest egg set aside for you from a close friend or family member. Or from forgotten stocks and bonds . . . Investments this year can prove to be very beneficial, so keep your ears open for any investment opportunities, especially in late Fall months of 2019!

Lottery winnings are best between May 15 and June 7.