Taurus' Astrological Year 2020

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Favorable Months: July and November

Challenging Months: May and August

Lucky Period: March 5 - April 4

We can thank Jupiter because this will be a year of changes for you. By the end of 2020, you'll have experienced various changes in your home, work, family, friends….  Many of these changes will be blessings and you may have felt stuck in certain situations in your job and/or family that have lacked meaning and direction. However, don't expect family situations to heal themselves so readily as the roots of these issues may run deep. At times, you may find it easier just to walk away rather than fight a losing battle. 

Unexpected traveling opportunities may come up in late summer. Taking a long-awaited vacation could provide healing and inner peace. Since Neptune is in Pisces – a destination by the sea or one that's rich in history are real possibilities. Just know you can expect something unique and enchanting.

As we still have Uranus in Taurus, life could be changeable, but also exciting at times, particularly for those born in in late April through early May. Get ready: Your routes will change every day.  Also because of this Uranus transit, new job opportunities may come knocking. This is a good time to move forward, even if it involves changing your job. This is your time to say goodbye to the same old, same old.