Taurus' Astrological Year 2019

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Best Months: July and November. 

Months to watch out for: May and August.

Uranus will also enter into Taurus, meaning that your life will now become less predictable and more exciting, especially for those that are born in the early sign of Taurus. Get ready for your daily routine to change! You may want to buy yourself a good pair of running shoes to keep up with your new life! You may also want to safeguard your home from unwanted guests and/or water and plumbing problems. And don't be surprised if an unexpected family problem or situation comes your way, from May into June.

If you are still single as we move into Summer, you may very well embark on a new romance, with a possible marriage in late 2020, as Saturn makes its last pass. But those of you that are married, an unexpected surprise will come into view, making your marriage stronger and bringing you closer together. We all know there are two sides to each coin, so if your Sun, Venus and Mars is not in proper aspect with Uranus, this can result in an unwanted or difficult romantic affair that you may have great difficulty in breaking it off. Perhaps creating a “Fatal Attraction” . . .

As Uranus forms several aspects throughout the year, new job opportunities may come knocking. This would probably be a good time to think about moving forward or perhaps changing your job! Not only will you say goodbye to the same old - same old, you may also get more use out of those running shoes. . .

An Eclipse in July could bring with it a decision to move and/or relocate. Concerns regarding an older person may also have an effect on your household. Remodeling will be challenging, but in the end when it is finished, it will be the best thing you have done! In the Fall of 2019, Jupiter will enter into Capricorn only, bringing a beautiful Trine to your Sun sign and resulting in a lot of communications regarding any legal issues, as well as some major decisions, like retirement, changing positions, or having kids. This is also a good time to consider taking college or adult classes; the end result could be very beneficial, especially after feeling as though something or someone has been holding you back for the past couple of years. When opportunity does come knocking, all the effort and challenges that you face will seem to disappear, giving you a wonderful ending to 2020.

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