Scorpio's Astrological Year 2021

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Your instincts will be very strong in 2021. Listen to them because they will be your best guide. If you thought 2020 was hard, embrace yourself because 2021 will not be an easy road either. However, come this June, you will get a break from the storm. At that time, you can welcome the warmth and love that you will receive from family and friends. In late July, you will be back to the grindstone until November.

If you are in a relationship, just remember that things are NOT always what they appear to be. So, if you truly value this relationship, take a step back and pick your battles wisely. If you are not in a relationship, finding one of true nature will be hard now. I do not see you finding that special one before June. And building that foundation will take some time. It may seem as if something or someone is standing in front of your relationship and causing delays.

I am sorry to say that money will feel like a roller-coaster ride and that’s putting it mildly! Once again, a break from that harsh reality will come in June, giving you some welcome breathing room.  Any investment in property needs to be checked thoroughly for water or sewer issues.

Lucky Period: February 26th - March 21st.