Scorpio's Astrological Year 2020

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Favorable Months:  April and July

Challenging Months: March and August

Lucky Period: August 9 - September 4

In early 2020, you'll see changes in one's life pattern.  You'll find that you have more breathing room and any changes will be well-received.   Since your Scorpio Sun will sextile Jupiter in Capricorn, this can be a blessing in many ways. For Jupiter will add a silver lining to this year of 2020.  Go do some traveling in the unusual places, or join a boating club.  For some Scorpios may not like to swim, but they may love the beach and waves upon the sand. Go ahead and add some spice to 2020.

Late spring can bring surgery for you or your partner.  Take close care on your knees and shoulders. This will come very unexpectedly and a complete recovery will take time. I'm looking at late summer before you'll get a completely clean bill of health.

The announcement of an addition to the family will come forth, looking at June or July.  With Neptune in Pisces, if a child is born, this child will have some very special qualities about them.  You may want to place close attention to the child; he or she can very well be an "Indigo" child.  One that'll need special attention due to having special needs.

For Scorpios, if you're interested in starting your own business, this is the year to put the idea into play.  For Neptune will trine your Sun sign giving you the natural ability to know when to play your cards and when to cash them in.

The business can bring your financial independence back.  Although, you may feel a little restricted in the beginning.  The long term will bring you success.