Scorpio's Astrological Year 2019

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Best months: April and July.

Months to watch out for: March and August.

In the first half of 2019, some may express concerns regarding a family member, who may be in and out of the hospital. Those medical issues may last well into the early Summer months before relief is felt!

On the bright side, there could be an addition to the family around August and/or September. If a child is born while Neptune in Pisces, this child could possess some very special qualities; so pay close attention to the child, since he or she may very well be an "Indigo" child--one that will require special attention and needs.

For those Scorpios interested in starting your own business, this is the year to put that idea into play. Why? Neptune will trine your Sun sign, giving you the natural ability to know when to play your cards and when to cash in. Although, you may feel a little restricted in the beginning, this business can possibly reward you with financial independence and long-term success!

Scorpios, let your wings take you where you want to go! Do it before the Fall months--when Jupiter enters into Capricorn—because once this happens, you will take on added responsibilities that will last for the next several months. So, enjoy your freedom now, for the Fall will clip your wings and bring you back home to stay!

Lottery winnings are best between July 5 – 26.