Sagittarrius' Astrological Year 2021

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

The "Return of the Age of Aquarius" will bring out the best in Sagittarius.  For nothing adventured is nothing gained. So, put yourself out there and have some fun. Enjoy this Aquarian energy. 2021 will be a chance to gain back any losses from 2020.  Explore ALL your options and reach out for help if needed.  Just stay on track and follow your agenda because this year is full of gains and powerful assets for you.

While I do not see marriage for the majority of Sagittarians, I do see adventures in a new relationship! This one will be very exciting and offer lots of possibilities and could lead to a business adventure or partnership of some kind. So, get ready to enjoy 2021 and the most unusual experiences it can bring to your life.

Money will be sweet, but not until late spring when there will be a steady, slight increase as the year moves forward.  If you have any outstanding legal situations, they can finally end in late 2021. I feel this year will be very lucrative moneywise but those greenbacks could easily slip through your fingers. It’s best to think about a savings plan.

Lucky Period: March 22nd - April 14th.