Sagittarrius' Astrological Year 2019

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Best months: May and August.

Months to watch out for: June and October.

You’re still feeling the effects of Jupiter in your Sun Sign, possibly causing delays in any pay raises and benefits, ranging from college grants and disability to unemployment payments. Jupiter won’t move forward into Capricorn until late Fall. And that is when you’ll start to reap the benefits, especially those of you who may feel the urge to write a book or get involved in a printing/communication company. These activities could bring you to that pot of gold at the end of your rainbow in the early Spring of 2020!

By late Spring, surgery may be on the horizon--for you or a loved one—and it will be unexpected. The recovery will take time; it may be well into the early Summer months before you or your loved one will feel better.

As Neptune moves forward into Pisces, it will square your Sun Sign, bringing strange and unusual creators/people into your life, at least until next Spring 2020. Although you will welcome the relief, don't trust anyone, especially during the month of May. If you’re looking for love this Spring, then you are definitely looking in the wrong places! You will have better luck in the month of August, when planets are in Leo and when Jupiter is direct. In the Fall, things may look a lot brighter and your life could become positively more exciting. However, watch out for your spending sprees, as Saturn continues to move through Capricorn! It’s not that you won’t have the money; overspending could lead to some problems in late 2020.

Lottery winnings are best between April 22 to May 14.