Pisces' Astrological Year 2021

PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20)

You are likely to feel that you are chasing your tail until the summer comes around. At that point, however, you can begin to catch up with your debts and feel like you are finally moving ahead. It’s best to follow your personal instincts and feelings. If it feels right, then move forward, and if you’re not sure about an option, then do more research before making a decision.  Listen to your heart, listen to your soul and, most importantly, listen to your guides. 2021 will be full of hard choices and difficult decisions. But know that in the end, triumphs will win your battles. But you still want to pick them wisely.

Strange as it seems, relationships will open up late spring or early summer.  A closer bond will start to form, only to see an engagement in the very late fall of 2021.  If you are married, a situation will arise that will bring you and your spouse closer.

Money will not go far, but it will be steady and available when needed.  I would not invest at this time, unless you are willing to wait until 2023 to see gains. If buying property or a home, check the records on any property.  It may have been built on a swamp or the dry wall could have been incorrectly installed and in need of a major overhaul.  As such investments can be costly, do your research before investing or buying property.

Lucky Period: June 3rd - June 26th.