Libra's Astrological Year 2020

Libra (Sep. 23 – Oct. 22)

Favorable Months: March and August 

Challenging Months: July and October

Lucky Period: April 4 - May 11

For Libras, Jupiter will be in Capricorn until the fall of 2020.  You may feel something or someone is holding you back.  For many Libras – there'll be   responsibilities that you took on and it won't be removed from your duties until October.  So until then, you'll continue to face new challenges. This is a good/positive situation, because this aspect is polishing you for Jupiter in Aquarius.  This changing of signs will be your full rewards in late 2020 and well into 2021.

As Neptune is in Pisces and, sad to say, you may lose a parent or a loved one this year.   An inheritance is on the agenda for late 2020/2021.  This can be an old family member.

Libras may also face a power struggle, perhaps at work or with a family situation.  This will last until we get into the fall months.  This can be associated with Neptune as an aspect of the inheritance.  If family is important to you, you may find it best to walk away.  If not, then stand your ground, otherwise you may be shortchanged. 

When Saturn entries Aquarius in late 2020, you'll feel a sign of relief.   So, get ready to take in a deep breath of fresh air.  For Saturn in Aquarius will bring many odd and unusual situations, either with friends and travel or family and possibly a new addition.  Late 2020 through 2021 will only bring some well-deserved changes in your life.