Libra's Astrological Year 2019

Libra (Sep. 23 – Oct. 22)

Best months: March and August.

Months to watch out for: August and October.

What a hard road it has been for Saturn, which has been in Capricorn since late of 2017! When Saturn enters in Aquarius in late 2020, you will breathe a sigh of relief. Why? It’s because Saturn in Aquarius will bring about some well-deserved changes in your life, from late 2019 through 2020. If you are unemployed, finding a job will seem easy in the Spring and late Fall. If you already have a job, a promotion may be around the corner, especially during the months of April and/or August.

Uranus in Taurus could bring you the job of a lifetime! One where you can actually make decisions, as well as one that you can feel proud of and be successful in. If you find yourself single during the Spring, this aspect may very well spark a new romance in your life, with a possible marriage in 2020! But those of you that are married, an unexpected surprise will come into view, making your marriage stronger and bring the two of you closer together.

The next several months will be a very lucky time for Libras! Jupiter in Sagittarius will present you with opportunities to win some extra money, whether it is through a part-time job or playing the Lottery. Travel is also a good possibility for 2019, especially in the Spring and the Fall.

However, Libras may not be traveling alone. It may include a honeymoon adventure you have been anticipating . . . for a long, long time!

Lottery winnings are best between March 2 - 25, plus June 10 and July 3.