Leo's Astrological Year 2021

LEO (July 23 – Aug. 22)

The Universe has a way of forcing us to begin anew, either by our own volition or a helpful push from the Universe to a new beginning or new phase of life. So, get ready for substantial change in 2021. Some will find this daunting, while others will feel it’s the best thing that has happened to them. When you will look back over the next 18 months, life will seem very different. There will be some challenging adjustments, but some excellent learning situations as well.  Welcome them all with an open heart as this change will be good for you.

In 2021, you will learn what "LOVE IS’: Patience, respect, understanding, friendship, growth and everything in between that gives "LOVE" its meaning.  Courage and strength will take many relationships to their fullest. Marriage may not necessarily be on the agenda, but the ensuing bonding and cherished moments will set the pace for a rich and healthy relationship.

Money will take on new meaning in 2021. It will be strongest in the first half of 2021. So, save your pennies, nickels and dimes if you can because late summer could bring a decision-making opportunity your way. You may need to travel far to help a family member or friend in need, but your good deeds will not be forgotten and will be passed forward.

Your Lucky Period: Oct 7th - Nov 4th.