Leo's Astrological Year 2020

LEO (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Favorable Months: May and November

Challenging Months:  June and December

Lucky Period: September 6th - October 4th

If you have siblings who live at a distance, then planning to visit them could be part of your 2020 agenda. June and/or July are likely to be ideal times for a trip and you won't regret such a visit, especially if it's been a long time coming. If traveling for family, this may be the last time you see them for a while because Uranus’s transit in Taurus may restrict your cash flow.

Buying a getaway home may also be on your 2020/2021 agenda. This will be a home away from home, and a place to relax and get in touch with nature. This will be the nicest gift Jupiter in Capricorn can give you, so enjoy it and invite friends to join you as well. 

Sadly, you may lose an older relative or close friend in late summer, so make sure to enjoy the company of those close to you while you can.

Now's a good time to gather ideas together for late 2020, when both Jupiter and Saturn enter Aquarius. This will bring challenges, and you want to work on building a large nest egg for any unexpected bills coming your way. The best way to get through this period is to get involved with something new.  Join a club, group or organization to keep busy and keep your mind focused. It’s important to have an anchor now to lean on to help alleviate stress and anxiety.