Gemini's Astrological Year 2021

GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)

I could go on and on about Geminis this year because they are set to have a fantastic year. Positive changes in work, family and relationships are on their horizon for the next 18 months. My advice is to try to enjoy the changes and reach for things you never thought possible, including promotions as well as investments in land or property. Taking on a new hobby could lead to a new business adventure.

Marriage or a serious relationship is on the agenda for 2021. For those who are already married, the year promises a close bond between you two. It’s an ideal year for spreading your wings and kissing lots of toads!  And be sure to have some fun in the sun while you are at it.

A promotion or job change will only add frosting to the cake this year. While such a move may create additional stress for you for a few months, in the long run, the benefits will override the effects of any early stressors and the need for training.

Your Lucky Period:  Aug 16th - Sept 10th.