Gemini's Astrological Year 2019

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Best Months: March and September.

Months to watch out for: June and September.

Throughout most of 2019, Jupiter will bring up some unexpected billing or money issues. By the Fall, the changing of guards will bring some minor issues for others--those that live at a distance or in-laws, if you are married. If you’re thinking about resolving any legal issues, I would hold off until late Fall, when the aspect would be more in your favor.

If you are single, a relationship might be best in the Fall months. If you’re married, there could be positive change on the horizon in early 2020; this could include a new addition to your family. As Saturn continues to move through Capricorn during the Fall, welcoming this new addition may add more responsibility and stress to your life.

Job changes in the Fall will be another factor for Geminis. Some will welcome the change while others will find it hard to adapt to a new career. These changes may happen very abruptly and out of the clear blue.

For baby boomers who may want to retire early in 2019, this dream is possible, as long as you remain creative! Try starting your own home business or re-arranging your finances. Uranus could bring some new and exciting new friends, so joining a club or an organization may help toward achieving your dreams. Lottery winnings are best between March 2 and March 25.

Lottery winnings are best between March 2 and March 25.