Capricorn's Astrological Year 2020

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Favorable Months: June and September

Challenging Months: July and November

Lucky Period:  March 5  - April 3

The planet Jupiter will conjunct your sun sign right through the fall months.  Once Jupiter changes signs and goes into Aquarius, this can open up another source of income.  So many Capricorns may decide to work two jobs, giving you the chance to catch up on your bills.   Yes, you may feel restricted for a while, but staying long enough to play catch-up are your main thoughts and it's best for the family as well.

If you aren't working, finding a job will seem easy in the spring months.  Uranus in Taurus will bring you a job of a lifetime with stable opportunities.  One that you'll finally feel you're part of and can actually make decisions.  Uranus will bring a job that's different, not like your old job, but one you can feel proud of and be successful in. 

Investments this year can prove to be very beneficial.  So, keep your ears open for any investment opportunities especially in the late fall months of 2020.

You may feel the effects of Jupiter on top of your sun sign.  This causes delay in any pay raises and benefit grants, such as college grants, disability, unemployment payments, anything where you're expecting money to come from an outside source.  Jupiter will move forward into Aquarius, but not until late fall – looking at November or December. That's when you'll start to reap your benefits. 

However, you want to look at 2020 as your year for change. Rather you welcome it or not, the change will come in various ways in your life.