Cancer's Astrological Year 2020

CANCERS (June 22 – July 22)

Favorable Months: April and October

Challenging Months: May and November

Lucky Period: August 8th - September 6th

Communications will play an important role for you in 2020.  In fact, our job will depend on it and your family will feel lost without it.  With Saturn in Capricorn, you may feel lost or separated from family members.  For that very reason, you'll want to keep all channels of communications open.  That'll also make it easier for you to adapt to all transitions in 2020.

A new person may appear in your life in 2020; that could mean a relationship for those who are single, or a new child or grandchild for married couples. This change will be a positive one to you and your family. There'll be a feeling of settling down or everyone being on the same page.  As Saturn moves through Capricorn, this addition will bring new possibilities but also add responsibilities to your life.

For the short stint, when Saturn enters Aquarius until early summer or when it finally enters Aquarius for good in late 2020, you may discover a new hobby. Or you may decide, it’s time for a major change in your life. Starting school, changing careers or even switching jobs can be on top of your priority list this year.

Since last December when Jupiter entered Capricorn - the opposite sign to your Sun Sign – there's been a sense that you can make a dream come true.  Do you know what that dream is? If you don’t, take time to explore that area. Let your mind wander… the sky's the limit. Don’t hold yourself back.