Cancer's Astrological Year 2019

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Best months: April and October. 

Months to watch out for: May and November.

Communication will play an important and personal role for you in 2019. Your new job/position could depend on it. Without it, you will almost certainly feel lost or separated from your family, especially when Saturn is in Capricorn. So remember to keep all channels of communications open. As Neptune is in Pisces, you may experience the loss of a parent or a loved one this year. An inheritance could well be on the agenda, from late 2019 into 2020.

Cancers may also face a struggle, involving work or family—one that will last until the Fall months. This could be associated with the Neptune aspect. If you value family, you may find it best to walk away. If not, stand your ground, or else you may feel short-changed.

The year 2019 will bring new family additions to Cancerians; some may become parents . . . or grandparents. Those additions could bring added responsibilities but also great joy and happiness. In addition, as Jupiter enters into Capricorn in the Fall, this aspect may help you realize your dreams, whatever they may be…

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