Aries' Astrological Year 2020

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Favorable Months: June and October 

Challenging Months: April and July

Lucky Period: September 6 - October 3rd

This year will likely be challenging for you, and you have the opportunity to learn some VERY valuable lessons. With Saturn in Capricorn until December, you may take on the responsibility of caring for an older person. You may also be confronted with an old situation that you thought had been settled in the past.

There'll be good months and good times in 2020, but no matter how you slice the cake, it'll take time, energy and patience to achieve your goals. You may feel you need to work harder than others, just to get to the same place.  

However, with Jupiter in Capricorn, all your hard efforts will pay off, just not until December or maybe even well into 2021. 2021 will be your year to shine, so consider this year a time to build your empire, one block at a time.  When 2021 comes around, your hard work will definitely pay off. 

Jupiter in Capricorn can lead to a new position at work for those who are in the job force, but at times you may feel you've bitten off more then you can chew.  Exercise patience! By the end of this year, you'll be happy you stuck it out. Capricorn gives you the strength and backbone to achieve your goals. Whether it’s a new business of your own or a new position, you'll acquire knowledge that will take you far!