Aquarius' Astrological Year 2021

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Get ready for the "Return of the Age of Aquarius!"  2021 may seem slow to start, but by mid-January the planets will be in full bloom and life will speed up.  The following 18 months will be full of countless change. Of course, some situations will be better than others, but we all need to learn lessons in life. Get out and explore the world! You will never have this lineup of planets again, so enjoy them. Reach for the impossible because it will be possible for a while!

Some say that two is a crowd, but actually dating more than two could be fun.  I do not see any serious relationship evolving until the end of 2021. So why not enjoy the dating scene. Who says you should only date one person at a time?  Until a couple is ready to make a commitment to one another, the sky is the limit. So, enjoy and spread those wings. Be like a honeybee and fly from flower to flower!

Now, let's talk money. Be careful where you put your energy, and that includes people. You will meet some crazy people over the next 18 months. Some will be fun crazy, while others will be just plain crazy. Be wary of the latter.  Do not lend any money as you are unlikely to get it back.  That said… money will likely flow your way and could come from more than one source. So, enjoy it while it lasts and have a great year!

Lucky Period: May 10th - June 2nd.