Aquarius' Astrological Year 202-

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Favorable Months: April and October

Challenging Months: May and August

Lucky Period: June 25  - August 3

As Neptune moves forward into Pisces, it bring an uneasy feeling to your sun sign.  It can bring strange and unusual people into your life, at least until next spring in 2021. Don't trust anyone who makes unusual promises. Watch out for scams and lies.   Ladies, wherever you go, make sure there's a lot of lights and stay in the public places.  Protecting yourself will be the key here.  If you're looking for love this spring/summer – you're definitely looking in the wrong places.  You'd have better luck in spring of 2021. When Jupiter will be sitting on top of your sun sign, giving you the protection you need and the relationship/partnership you want.

In the late fall months, you'll feel good about how things are unfolding and coming more easily to you.  You may start seeing things on the bright side and your life may become undull with positively excitement.  As both Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, watch out for your spending sprees.  Not that you won't have the money - but overspending can lead to some problems in late 2021. 

2020 isn't going to be peaches and cream.  So, the best means is to find what really works for YOU – and use it to your advantage.  Like my dad use to say: “Why fix something that's not broken?”   Stay with the basics – this year will be the year to learn your strengths and weaknesses.  These will be VERY valuable in 2021, since Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will set a totally different pace and different direction in your life.