Love Compatibility: Taurus

There are many planetary factors that determine how two people will interact in a relationship. Here you can discover how some of the main issues and drives of Taurus will blend (or not!) with the other sun signs. So, my friend, check out how well you “mate” with the signs below.

You and an Aries

This couple approaches love and life head on, combining a sense of practicality with adventure and daring, not to mention a healthy, active, and satisfying physical life. You need to negotiate your different drives for togetherness and independence. If you can achieve a balance between your action and stability, all should be fine!

You and another Taurus

Whether the subject be home, security, or sensual pleasure, you understand one another perfectly and can easily fulfill one another’s needs. You are creatures of comfort with exquisite tastes, and your home is a welcoming, comfortable haven for family and friends. Finances are your main challenge, but even that you can overcome!

You and a Gemini

Outgoing and sociable, you both have many friends and enjoy an active social life. Having fun together is a definite strong point, and you can each profit professionally and personally from the other’s social network. While you communicate in different ways, you can overcome that obstacle by remaining flexible and open to the other’s viewpoint.

You and a Cancer

You easily relate to one another, both emotionally and physically, and you don’t need an active social life. Your relationship is based upon a strong affection and commitment to each other. Your big priority is to create a stable, secure home life. Just knowing that you can trust and rely on one another makes your lives complete.

You and a Leo

This creative and dynamic relationship thrives when both partners nurture it with love and affection. With each of you fond of theatrics, boredom will not be part of your daily or intimate life together, and those around you envy you as a glamorous couple. However, don’t be surprised if some friction rises up between personal and couple desires.

You and a Virgo

This relationship offers a practical approach to life that keeps you on solid ground. A couple for the here and now, you can be happy just doing things as a team, including working together, which you do well. You express your mutual love in all sorts of ways, both big and small, and with good old physical pleasure.

You and Libra

This couple values harmony and keeping the relationship on track. You enjoy spending time together, even if you don’t do anything special. That said, you have a wide circle of friends, as you’re both social beings. Romantic and affectionate, you each desire to please the other, as well as support each other’s interests. You make a good match!

You and a Scorpio

There is no doubt that this is a passionate relationship, both emotionally and physically. While life together isn’t always pleasant and easy, you share a mutual desire for closeness, stability, and commitment that you can build on. Trust is a big part of your success together, and it really is no surprise that you make a strong team.

You and a Sagittarius

You are a fun-loving and sociable pair who enjoy having fun together and with others. Your generous and affectionate natures are magnetic, but take care with your budget. Fortunately, optimism keeps you both strong. While your challenges touch on independence and interdependence, you’ve got the glue to make things work

You and a Capricorn

Yours is a grounded relationship that appreciates sensual pleasure. You both approach life with an “all in good time” attitude, thereby building trust, as well as an innate understanding of one another that can last a lifetime. Your smarts for the material world, along with your resources and pragmatism, can help make your dreams come true.

You and an Aquarius

There is no doubt that you make an eclectic mix of the traditional and unconventional. However, even though your perspectives may diverge, you can achieve an unexpected balance, physical love included. Your partnership has the potential for success in personal as well as professional areas, as long as you’re up for adventure.

You and a Pisces

You are a creative couple that appreciates beauty and has artistic sensibilities. You are extremely tuned into each other, and your relationship provides a safe haven from the outside world. In fact, just being together makes you happy. Fueled by your rich imaginations, you have the power to make your romantic and intimate life thrive.