Love Compatibility: Sagittarius

There are many planetary factors that determine how two people will interact in a relationship. Here you can discover how some of the main issues and drives of Sagittarius will blend (or not!) with the other sun signs. So, my friend, check out how well you “mate” with the signs below.

You and an Aries

No grass will grow under the feet of this action-oriented, fun-seeking couple. As long as you’re enjoying new challenges and adventures, this relationship will last forever. Your passionate antics in the bedroom are as exciting as your everyday endeavors out in public.

You and a Taurus

Having fun and exploring all the ways and means of pleasure is a goal of this couple. If a solid base, including finances, is maintained from which to venture forth on the quest for enjoyment, all will be well in this relationship. It’s also important that neither party crowds the other with too many demands.

You and a Gemini

As a couple, you are always on the go with people to see, things to do, trips to take—it’s non-stop activity and diversity. There is not a topic that you are not interested in and unwilling to discuss. This leaves little time for a lot of sex, but you’re too busy to notice.

You and a Cancer

This combo is sort of an “odd couple”—the wanderer and the homebody. True love and great sex will make this into the perfect match, or the perfect storm. Much understanding and cooperation will allow each partner to fulfill the needs of the other in order to make this a lasting love story.

You and a Leo

Socializing, having a good time, playing, and improvising can be the hallmark of these two lovers. Together they make a great team, considering the world as their home base. Sparks fly in the bedroom, and there are no bounds to their creativity when it comes to lovemaking for this duo.

You and a Virgo

This partnership might be unsettled mostly because both people view life from different lenses: one sees the finer points, while the other the big picture. If worked right, this can be a complementary duo. The same goes for the boudoir—give-and-take is the name of the game here.

You and a Libra

You two were probably friends before you became lovers. And it is your friendship that will be treasured most throughout your lives together as a loving couple. There may not be grand passion, but there will be stability, loyalty, and the things in life that count most for you both.

You and a Scorpio

There’s a lot of potential here to soar to the heights. But to succeed, individual differences have to be respected or blended. One is optimistic and outgoing, while the other more reserved and skeptical. One may require more emotional and sexual passion than the other has to give.

You and another Sagittarius

Your life together may seem like an adventure, with each of you enhancing the other’s search for knowledge and experience. Traveling together can be a part of this bond. You are both more playful than passionate and are on the same wavelength as regards intimacy.

You and a Capricorn

This can be a very complementary partnership, combining idealism with pragmatism, and optimism with common sense. The challenges come in when the adventurous one feels restricted by the other, or the practical one has difficulties with the easy-come, easy-go attitude of the other toward money. You may use your different styles to reach new levels sexually.

You and an Aquarius

Ideas and ideals play a great part in your relationship, and you may share the same humanitarian or spiritual goals. With both of you outgoing and sociable, you may need to schedule time for each other. And sexually, you are more interested in mind-mingling and a friendly approach than dark passion.

You and a Pisces

You two may share the same spiritual or philosophical bent, or provide creative inspiration for each other. But as both of you tend to be idealistic, you may both overlook more everyday matters and be very impractical regarding money or other routine responsibilities. Fantasy could play a part in your sexual lives.