Love Compatibility: Pisces

There are many planetary factors that determine how two people will interact in a relationship. Here you can discover how some of the main issues and drives of Pisces will blend (or not!) with the other sun signs. So, my friend, check out how well you “mate” with the signs below.


You and an Aries

This is definitely a case of opposites attracting, and they can either merge into a wonderful harmony, or clash in chaos. You both have great energy and emotion, so if you feel that this partnership warrants the work, go for it. You’ll have a solid bond!

You and a Taurus

You two share similar tastes and romantic notions. You are dreamier than the other, but that needn’t be a stumbling block; you can help the practical one expand their vision and they can help you see life as it really is. Together you achieve great balance.

You and a Gemini

One of you wants to sleep in, while the other wants to get up and get going. This highlights both sides of the coin in this relationship. One is laid back while the other is quick and curious. You can either learn from each other or butt heads.

You and a Cancer

Fortune smiles on this pairing, as you are both emotionally sensitive and thrive on the flow of emotions, thoughts, and ideas between the two of you. But this openness can also lead to a higher degree of vulnerability if one of you is down and takes it out on the other.

You and a Leo

You two are bewitched by each other’s passion, confidence, and heart. Romance and romantic gestures will play a big role in this relationship, as you each try and woo the other. You each enhance the other’s strengths and this relationship can take you both far.

You and a Virgo

You are both idealists who set very high standards, especially in love. When you click, others will be jealous of how attentive you are to each other. If you don’t set your standards unreasonably high, this can be a romance that novels are written about.

You and Libra

This may seem to be a match made in heaven and, in many ways, it is. However, over time, the differences in your characters may leave one or both of you feeling disappointed when the honeymoon ends. Stick with it, and you’ll be rewarded.

You and a Scorpio

Both of you long for magic, and you can make it happen for each other. You may be one of those couples who finish each other’s sentences. This is a pairing that legendary romances are made of. Be careful, though, that you maintain separate identities.

You and a Sagittarius

At first, this will feel like a romance from a fairy tale, and it is. But the clock will strike midnight and the coach will turn back into a pumpkin. The love can endure if you are both willing to accept the mundane realities of a committed, loving relationship.

You and a Capricorn

You two are a real yin-yang complement to each other and can bring out the best in each other. Each of you admires qualities the other possesses and tries to emulate them. Your romance will be a lovely dance where the partners change who is leading whom.

You and an Aquarius

The initial glow you both feel when you meet will draw you together like moths to a flame. When the flame flickers, you will have the opportunity to settle into a comfortable and friendly love connection. It will take work, but it will endure.

You and another Pisces

You two will communicate at a level that few other people can even comprehend. But since neither of you is particularly practical, you’re going to have to work to have a functional relationship that takes on the more ordinary tasks of everyday life.