Love Compatibility: Gemini

There are many planetary factors that determine how two people will interact in a relationship. Here you can discover how some of the main issues and drives of Gemini will blend (or not!) with the other sun signs. So, my friend, check out how well you “mate” with the signs below.

You and an Aries

You are a fun-loving and playful couple who enjoy partaking in all kinds of activities and interests. Easily bored, you are in constant search of new thrills and excitement, so much so that practical matters are sometimes overlooked. While there is nothing more enjoyable than sharing activities together, you respect your independent natures.

You and a Taurus

You may not see eye to eye on a lot of matters, but fortunately, your congenial natures give you a live-and-let-live attitude that keeps your relationship on an even keel. To keep things balanced, you need to acknowledge and accept both of your approaches. If you combine ingenuity with practicality, you can solve most of the problems facing you.

You and another Gemini

Communication is the strong point in your couple. You both have lots to talk about, even if it involves confronting difficulties to clear the air. You are probably each other’s best friend and have no problem staying active with the many interests you share. As long as your minds are stimulated, there are few dull moments in your relationship!

You and a Cancer

This relationship probably revolves around friends, family, and community. But your different perspectives and needs can result in tension, especially as one relies more on the head, and the other the heart. Focus on similarities rather than differences to handle problems productively, and rely on both words and intuition to better communication.

You and a Leo

You’re a lively duo, and you shine together and enjoy life. Your colorful personalities and entertaining styles attract many friends. Alone, just the two of you, your imaginations amuse each other. You take pride in one another’s accomplishments and while you may have disagreements occasionally, they usually dissipate quickly.

You and a Virgo

As a couple, you love to share ideas and stimulate each other’s mind, but you need to refrain from pushing one another’s buttons. You enjoy doing projects together, whether it be home repairs, crafts, gardening, or even work. And best of all, you aren’t afraid to ask for what you want, for you both know your partner is generally eager to please.

You and a Libra

Social butterflies, you enjoy busy lives and your calendar is often jam-packed. Together, you may fill your time with shared interests and activities. You seek to balance your life together fairly, and you are usually willing to compromise in order to keep the peace. Putting companionship over passion, your favorite thing is to engage your minds.

You and a Scorpio

This relationship offers plenty of growth opportunities for you both, but they may not always be easy lessons. While your different perspectives and responses to life may cause confusion, your individual styles can be complementary. A little trust goes a long way. Being willing to give as well as receive could be the key to mutual satisfaction.

You and a Sagittarius

You two love playing games, and love is one of your favorites. Regardless of what you do––and you’re always doing something––you have fun together. And communication is one of your strong points. Restless and adventurous, you are usually on the go. Be mindful that your relationship doesn’t suffer from stress.

You and a Capricorn

This coupling blends curiosity with caution, flexibility with firmness, and naiveté with maturity. These extremes challenge you, but you can find a middle path with patience. The day-to-day is what’s important. Work, home, and family occupy a good portion of your time, and that’s where your different skills come in handy.

You and an Aquarius

First and foremost, you are friends who can discuss just about anything. Consequently, you enjoy a lively intellectual rapport. If disagreements do happen to arise, you can usually talk them through to an acceptable solution. However, as you are both free spirits at heart, fidelity may be an issue. Accept that you don’t need to be together all the time.

You and a Pisces

Your rich imaginations help you to continually recreate yourselves and the relationship. Your feet aren’t planted too firmly on the ground, but that doesn’t matter. You tend to be cerebral, creative, and/or spiritual, rather than practical. It’s unlikely that you’ll grow bored with each other. In your fairy-tale relationship, you both live happily ever after.