Psychic Advisor David has shared some of his tips and recommendations for bringing positive energy into your life. We hope you will try them out. Feel free to stop by his Group Chat room or see him for a Private consultation to find out which ones would work best for you!

Attracting Wealth

Clients at ESPchat typically ask me, “How can I increase the money in my life”.  I have found a simple, effective way for my clients to stabilize their money situation, but they have to follow one important rule: “Money will treat you, like you treat your money.”  Just open up your wallet or purse.  Is it neatly organized?  Do you have all the bills in your wallet facing the same way and in order of denomination?  Are all your credit cards arranged in an orderly fashion?  If the answer to my question is no, I am willing to bet that you have money issues in your life.  If you keep your money organized, organization will take root in your life.  Treat money like it has worth.  Save lose change at the end of the day and place it in a jar or bowel.  If you treat money with respect, it will help stabilize the flow of energy in your life and you will soon see that your money issues diminish.


Cleansing Spray for Negativity

Here is a quick and easy spray to help cleanse and clear the energy in your personal space.
2 tablespoons Sage
2 tablespoons Rosemary
2 tablespoons Basil
2 tablespoons Salt (Any non-Iodized salt)
3 cups of water

1. Fill a medium pot with water 3 cups of water.
2. Add all ingredients above. It is best if the herbs are fresh, but dried ones will work as well. If you are using dried herbs, I would increase the quantity of each one.
3. Bring mixture to a full, rapid boil, turn off heat, and allow to cool in pan.
4. Once cooled, strain liquid from herbs and pour liquid into a spray bottle.
5. Go from room to room, misting the spray in each room.
6. You can recite prayers or chant while you spray if you like.

This spray will not harm fabrics and can be used daily if desired. It will not only clear out negative energy from your space, but it will also help to bring both prosperity and happiness into your life.


The Cleansing Power of Sage

Burning sage is a Native American practice that is used to clear a space of negative energies.  Sage can be purchased in the form of smudge sticks or loose dried bundles, both of which are available online and in metaphysical stores.  Some use an Abalone shell to hold the burning sage and catch any stray embers together with a feather to help spread the smoke from the burning sage. Others just hold the smudge stick in their hands and walk around so that the smoke disseminates within the space.  Either way works, just take care of any stray burning embers that may come from the sage.  My rule of thumb is that the more smoke you create, the more powerful the cleansing!  It is a good idea to open a window in the last room you will be smudging or ‘saging’ in order to create an exit path for any negative energies that have been in your home.

Before you begin smudging your home, open all drawers, cabinets and doors. Light the sage. You may need to blow on it to help stoke it and keep it lit. Remember the more smoke, the easier you can clear the negative energy.  Go from room with the sage, and sage all parts of the room, being especially mindful of the corners of the room.  While doing this you can say prayers of your faith, receipt mantras, or simply command the negative energies to leave the dwelling.  Make sure to smudge the attic or basement space as well.  I then recommend taking the sage out the front door of your dwelling and circle clockwise the property if you can.  This will clear out residual energies and help to transform negative energies into positive energies in your space.  Smudging should be done regularly because the energies can return to a space and build back up over time.  I like to sage my home at least once a week.


David's Love Spray

Cut up one red apple into slices
Place slices in a pot with 20oz of purified Spring water ( bottled water will do) and add  the following ingredients:

- 3 whole stick of cinnamon
- 1  tablespoon of cloves
- 1 tablespoon of Honey

Bring mixture to a boil remove from heat and allow to cool completely.  Strain and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Mist this spray all throughout around your house and most importantly in your bedroom and on the bed.
This spray can be used daily and even be used in the office. It promotes love and harmony. It has a very pleasant scent. The spray keeps for weeks.


The Five Elements in the Eastern Tradition:
Wood, Metal, Water, Wind and Fire.

These five elements work together to bring peace and balance to the world. Each one of them should be represented in your home or place of dwelling, and preferably in each room.

Here are examples of items that represent each element.

Wood: Anything made from wood. Furniture is great.
Metal: Anything made of metal, light fixtures, tables, chairs.
Wind: Fans, flags, incense , wind chimes, bells
Water: Fountains, aquariums, shells, coral, fishing nets.
Fire:  Candles, oil lamps, salt lamps, pieces of coal or volcanic glass.

Take a look in each room and see which elements are represented and then try to give balance to each room. By having the Elements represented in each of the rooms of your home, your space will feel more balanced, and there will be more positive energies present in your castle.


Gifts from the Sea to Protect and Calm

This is an easy and delightful way to keep the cleansing and calming power of the sea with you, wherever you may be.

  1. You need a clean glass jar with a lid. The size and type of jar is really up to you, so think about what want to put into it.  I use large candle jars. 
  2. Next. gather your natural gifts from the shore of any beach.  Collect whatever your heart desires: shells of all kinds and sizes, starfish, sand dollars, shark's teeth, coral, beach glass, small pieces driftwood or any other items that may catch your eye. 
  3. Scoop up enough dry sand for your jar to fill the bottom at least two to three inches deep.
  4. Next place the other items one by one into the jar.  When you have then arranged to your liking, face the sea with the jar in hand.  Say a short prayer and ask that the serenity and power of the sea be with you always.  Then ask for protection and
    well-being.  Give thanks for your gifts from the sea and place the cap on the jar. 

Your jar can be placed anywhere in your home or office area where you feel the need for a little extra protection and cleansing.


A Horseshoe for Luck and Blessings

There is a long-standing tradition to hang a horseshoe above the entrance of a home or business to bring luck and protection.  The story behind the horseshoe is that the Devil was chasing a man on horseback when a horseshoe flew off and hit the Devil in the head.  And if is for that reason that the Devil has feared the horseshoe ever since.

In some cultures, the horseshoe is associated with the Moon and female energy.  The horseshow has long been associated with luck and good fortune. It is also a symbol of strength and vitality.

Here is what you need to know before hanging the horseshoe above your door.

1.  The horseshoe must be a shoe that has been worn by a horse.  (I know a man who has horses who gives them to me for free.)  If that is not an option for you, look for them online.)
2.  Rub the horseshoe with either olive oil or any essential oil of your preference.

3.  The horseshoe must be hung in the correct position above the door with the two ends of the horse shoe must be facing up.  It should look be hung in the shape of a U.  In any cultures, the horseshoe hanging in the opposite direction means that luck will run out.

After hanging your horseshoe, say a prayer of blessing for the home or business.  The
horseshoe should be hung above the front door (I hang mine on the inside, but it does not really matter).  For added luck and protection you can also hang one above your back door as well


The Positive Power of Words

A curse word is defined as a profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger. It is a type of profanity or vulgar or irreverent speech or action.

Synonyms: curse, cuss, expletive, obscenity, oath, swearing, swear word, four-letter word

Over the course of a day many of use vulgar language regularly, sometimes in a fit of anger, but often mindlessly, without even thinking about it. When we employ curse words, we are sending out negative energy. In fact, according to the Laws of Attraction, this negative energy comes back to us with a vengeance. For that reason, one of the best, quickest and easiest ways to improve the energy in your life is to simply refrain from using negative speech.

Instead of saying something mean or nasty, say something positive or complementary.  A simple "Bless you" can change the course of someone’s day.  We all have the power of choice with our words. Words are the way we express ourselves and our feelings. Our language is part of our persona. If we can choose to use more positive language rather than negative, our lives will experience greater blessings. So, the next time you get mad and lose your cool, try turning the situation around by using positive language.  The more you try to stay positive, the more natural it becomes.  Above all, refrain from cursing or using damning language because you end up attracting negative energies in your direction.  Positive speech is an essential element in to clear up the energy around you and the space you inhabit.  But don’t take my word for it.  Just try it! What have you got to lose?


Salt Lamps: A great way to keep positive energy around you!

Salt lamps are an excellent source of mood lighting, but as the lamps warm, they release negative ions into the air. They have a very calming effect on a space. Not surprisingly, these lamps are especially good for those who suffer from anxiety and/or other mood disorders.

The Benefits of Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Your Home:

- Balance Electromagnetic Radiation

- Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify Air

- Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma

- Alleviate Coughing and Other Symptoms of the Common Cold

- Boost Blood Flow

- Raise Energy Levels

- Sharpen Concentration and Performance

- Enhance Moods

I recommend having a salt lamp in every room of your home. It is the warmth of lamp that creates the benefits. There is a wide variety of salt lamps on the internet that come in a range of sizes to accommodate any room or setting. You can even find salt night lights that are ideal for in a small work environment. I have 4 lamps in my home and find that they really do help in a wide variety of issues. Not only are they pleasing to in any environment, but they fill a space with positive energies.


How to Wash Away Stress

Salt Baths are one of the best and most relaxing ways to relieve stress and remove the negative energies that can be picked up over the course of a day.

Mix together the following:
1 cup Sea Salt
1 cup Epsom Salts
1 cup Corn Starch

This basic salt mixture can be used on its own, but feel free to add dried flowers or any essential oils of your preference. Fill your tub with hot water and add the mixture. DO NOT add any soap to your bath. This bath is for relaxing and clearing your energies and the soap could interfere with that process. Place candles around the tub if you want to enhance the mood and then soak in bath for at least 20 minutes. Afterwards drain the tub and rinse off with just water.  You should feel refreshed and relaxed, and your skin should be smooth and soft.  Repeat this cleansing ritual as often as needed, but especially after a long, tiring or intense day.