The Great American Eclipse

With all the buzz in the news, you likely to have already heard the news, but it's still worth sharing again! On August 21st, the U.S. will experience a total solar eclipse that will cross the continent from the west to the east. Lucky viewers along its path — from the Oregon coast to the coast of South Carolina and the states in between — will get a glimpse of this spectacular event, not seen to this extent in the U.S. since 1918. In general, eclipses, which can be lunar or solar, aren't considered rare as they each occur a couple of times each year. During a solar eclipse, the moon comes between the earth and sun and blocks out the sun's fiery disk, plunging the sky into complete darkness until the moon continues on its course.

In astrology, eclipses foretell change, which can be a time of growth for many of us. Just to be clear, not everyone is affected by every single eclipse. The influence of an eclipse depends on our individual natal chart. If you are curious about what effect this August's Great American Solar Eclipse will have on you, speak to one of our Psychic Advisors, especially those who are in the know regarding astrology! Visit them in Public Chat or schedule a more thorough Private Chat reading. And if you happen to be in the vicinity of this eclipse's projected path, you may want to consider taking part in this event. It's sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!