As a member of ESPchat you have access to our experienced and professional team of live psychics. Whether you want help with love and relationship matters, career advice or guidance with life questions, our psychics are available to answer your questions and address your concerns from 9 AM until midnight (EST) every day.

Our services include both written and private consultations of the highest quality, along with a wealth of other esoteric resources at your fingertips. So whether you choose to participate in our group psychic chat rooms, or prefer the privacy of a one-on-one consultation, our psychic experts are committed to helping you with their wide array of esoteric tools.

Inner Circle Privileges

  • Unlimited access to Group Public Chat Rooms
  • 10 Free Private Consultation Minutes to use monthly
  • A personal monthly “Book of Secrets,” mailed directly to you, containing daily advice and guidance for each day of the month along with lucky days and lucky numbers calculated just for member.

ESPchat offers our Members a variety of Psychic Consultations:

  1. Unlimited Consultations in our Group Psychic Chats:
    Our experienced psychics offer detailed and accurate consultations in our Group Psychic Chat Rooms, open 7 days a week from 9 AM to midnight, EST. During these hours, you are free to participate in as many chat rooms as you would like to ask as many questions as you would like! Our psychics use a variety of esoteric tools to address questions, such as Tarot cards, Angel Cards, Runes and Psychic Energy Readings. This popular free service open is available to all members!

    To get your free group psychic reading now, just click on the Group Psychic Chat Room link on the home page, choose a chat room, and enter your question in the box at the bottom of the page. While waiting your turn, you can listen to our psychics sharing advice with other members.

    Be sure to check the Psychic Schedule on the home page to see who is our Group Psychci Chat right now or when you favorite psychics will be on.

  2. Private, One-on-One Consultations:

    For a private, one-on-one consultation, visit our Private Consultation link anytime during our hours of operation to see which psychics are available. If you prefer to speak with a specific psychic, check their private chat availability on the Private Consultation link or schedule an appointment with them at your convenience. There is an additional per minute charge for private consultations that varies with the individual psychics. 

    Our Inner Ciircle Privilege members, as part of their monthly membership, receive 10-Free minutes every month to be applied toward a private consultation.
    To access a private consultation now, click on the Private Consultation link in the Main Menu.

  3. Written Consultations:

    We offer a variety of esoteric written readings, using a selection of esoteric tools, including the Tarot and Angel Cards, Astrology, Dream Interpretation, and Karma Studies. These comprehensive and detailed readings provide a comprehensive and detailed record about a question or situation that you can refer back to over time.

    To request your written consultation, click on the Written Consultation link, pick your preferred type of reading then chose your preferred psychic in the drop down menu and submit your question.